Reacquainted Passion

Reacquainted Passion by Kilted Wookie Hearing her name being called, Lorna stood up and turned round.  "Sorry I'm a bit late," Martin said as he closed the distance between them, "the traffic was absolutely horrendous!" They hugged and exchanged a brief kiss, then stood back, each looking at the other. "Oh, you're forgiven, I guess,"... Continue Reading →


The Making Of An Adulteress

The Making Of An Adulteress by Kilted Wookie It had been the boredom and the loneliness that had resulted in Morag posting her profile on an adult contact site.  That, along with the drunken urgings of her friend Beth, Morag admitted to herself.  She quickly amended her thoughts.  The truth was, if she hadn't been... Continue Reading →

Pleasantly Unexpected

Pleasantly Unexpected by Kilted Wookie The doorbell rang.  As Carl walked through the house he steeled himself, getting ready to tell the poor, hapless door-to-door salesman, in the most graphic of terms, just where, precisely, he could stick his double-glazing or conservatory.  He was, therefore, pleasantly surprised to find Sarah standing on his doorstep. “Is... Continue Reading →

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