Hunger by Kilted Wookie He held her close. Breathing in her scent as his hands reacquainted themselves with her body. She pressed against him; her skin soft and smooth under his hand. How long had it been? Ho long since they had last been in each other’s presence; since he had last been in her?... Continue Reading →


Extra Service

Extra Service by Kilted Wookie "Will that be all, sir?" For four years, those words had been the be-all and end-all of our relationship. "Will that be all, sir?" she would ask in the morning as I bought my newspaper so I had change for my parking. "Will that be all, sir?" she would ask... Continue Reading →

Eight Days

Eight Days by Kilted Wookie Eight days. Eight days since they had last seen each other. Eight days since their passion had last been allowed to flame. Eight days since they had held each other, tasted each other, taken their pleasure from each other. Eight days of frustration, anticipation and hunger; fuelled by the medium... Continue Reading →

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