Mixing Business With Pleasure

Mixing Business With Pleasure by Kilted Wookie Selina quickly checked herself in the bathroom mirror one last time. She’d been looking forward to tonight’s job and her preparations had been meticulous.  She smoothed down her knee-length black dress that clung to her, showing off her shapely body to full effect.  The low cut neck-line showed... Continue Reading →


Dee’s Double Delight

Dee’s Double Delight by Kilted Wookie The worst thing about being away from home on her own for work, Dee decided, was being away from home, alone and staying in a hotel that was being used for a private function where everyone else seemed to know each other and were obviously enjoying themselves.  She sipped... Continue Reading →

Hotel Get Together

Hotel Get Together by Kilted Wookie Pulling off the motorway, Kath made her way along the slip-road, eventually coming to a halt in the hotel car-park.  Digging her mobile phone from her pocket, she quickly typed out "At hotel" and pressed 'Send'. She didn't have to wait long for a reply.  "Traffic hellish. B abt... Continue Reading →

Worth Waiting For

Worth Waiting For by Kilted Wookie Julie smiled from behind her coffee. "What?" Craig enquired. "Oh, nothing," Julie replied, barely suppressing a giggle. "It must be something." "Oh, all right then.  It's just... It's just that we're actually here.  I mean after all these months and all the times we could've done something but didn't,... Continue Reading →

Intimate Strangers

Intimate Strangers by Kilted Wookie Smiling as he stepped out of the lift, John walked briskly through the hotel's front lobby and made his way to the bar. As he stepped through the doorway into the bar he spotted her, sitting at a table in the corner. As John walked towards her table she spotted... Continue Reading →

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