Extra Service

Extra Service by Kilted Wookie "Will that be all, sir?" For four years, those words had been the be-all and end-all of our relationship. "Will that be all, sir?" she would ask in the morning as I bought my newspaper so I had change for my parking. "Will that be all, sir?" she would ask... Continue Reading →


The First Kiss

The First Kiss by Kilted Wookie Her arse glowed a rosy red from the repeated application of my hand. I could almost feel the heat radiating from its surface. She had been bad; she knew she had. She had sucked my cock with her usual diligence; bringing me close to the point of explosion in... Continue Reading →

Make Me Come

Make Me Come by Kilted Wookie "You have five minutes, make me cum," he commanded, pressing the timer button on his phone then flexing his belt, making it crack ominously. Five minutes wouldn't normally be too difficult, but as she was, lying on the floor, hands cuffed behind her back, ankles tied together while he... Continue Reading →

Blindfolded And Taken

Blindfolded And Taken by Kilted Wookie Blindfolded, and with a growing sense of excitement, Steph let herself be led into the room. It was the blindfold that made all the difference; she knew that she would probably know everyone in the room but because she couldn't and wouldn't be able to see them, she had... Continue Reading →

Eight Days

Eight Days by Kilted Wookie Eight days. Eight days since they had last seen each other. Eight days since their passion had last been allowed to flame. Eight days since they had held each other, tasted each other, taken their pleasure from each other. Eight days of frustration, anticipation and hunger; fuelled by the medium... Continue Reading →

A Special Treat

A Special Treat by Kilted Wookie She gives me a mischievous smile as she kneels down in front of me.  "Just sit there and relax," she purrs seductively, "You don't need to do a thing."  I nod as she strokes my cock through my jeans.  "That's it," she says, "Just you get yourself all nice... Continue Reading →

Sexual Symphony

Sexual Symphony by Kilted Wookie ~~ Overture - Seduction ~~ A hug, a loving glance, a tender kiss; I run my fingers through her hair as our lips press together.  Her breathing quickens as my lips work down her neck.  She sighs as I nibble gently on her earlobe. We kiss again, this time with... Continue Reading →

Reacquainted Passion

Reacquainted Passion by Kilted Wookie Hearing her name being called, Lorna stood up and turned round.  "Sorry I'm a bit late," Martin said as he closed the distance between them, "the traffic was absolutely horrendous!" They hugged and exchanged a brief kiss, then stood back, each looking at the other. "Oh, you're forgiven, I guess,"... Continue Reading →

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