The Tube

The Tube by Kilted Wookie The carriage was packed with the rush hour hordes. Bodies crammed together uncomfortably; commuters sharing their discomfort with a stoic lack of eye contact. Once again, the train shuddered to a halt. She staggered against him; mumbled an apology. He smiled down at her in unspoken reassurance that no apology... Continue Reading →


The Mail Room

The Mail Room by Kilted Wookie A smile and a wink, that's all it was.  The smile was nothing new; Anna had flashed the same smile as she'd passed my desk every day for almost a year.  It was part of our daily routine; a smile, an exchange of "hello," and so the day would... Continue Reading →

Taking A Chance

Taking A Chance by Kilted Wookie Slowly, almost nervously, Linda approached the café.  Looking through the window, she could see him sitting at the table, drinking his coffee and casually reading a newspaper as he waited for her. Linda hesitated at the door and cursed herself silently for her uncertainty.  She knew why she was... Continue Reading →

Worth Waiting For

Worth Waiting For by Kilted Wookie Julie smiled from behind her coffee. "What?" Craig enquired. "Oh, nothing," Julie replied, barely suppressing a giggle. "It must be something." "Oh, all right then.  It's just... It's just that we're actually here.  I mean after all these months and all the times we could've done something but didn't,... Continue Reading →

Pleasantly Unexpected

Pleasantly Unexpected by Kilted Wookie The doorbell rang.  As Carl walked through the house he steeled himself, getting ready to tell the poor, hapless door-to-door salesman, in the most graphic of terms, just where, precisely, he could stick his double-glazing or conservatory.  He was, therefore, pleasantly surprised to find Sarah standing on his doorstep. “Is... Continue Reading →

Intimate Strangers

Intimate Strangers by Kilted Wookie Smiling as he stepped out of the lift, John walked briskly through the hotel's front lobby and made his way to the bar. As he stepped through the doorway into the bar he spotted her, sitting at a table in the corner. As John walked towards her table she spotted... Continue Reading →

An Expression Of Lust

An Expression Of Lust by Kilted Wookie Lying on her bed, Sarah's body tingled with anticipation. With crisp, fresh sheets below her and wearing only a smile, she awaited his approach. Entering the bedroom, Carl saw her lying naked and proud as she awaited waited expectantly for him. Sarah's eyes shone with desire as Carl... Continue Reading →

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