#StoryIn12 – October

#StoryIn12Every day,  the #StoryIn12 flash fiction meme on twitter challenges writers to write a “complete” story in exactly 12 words, that includes the prompt word for that day.

#StoryIn12 is the creation of the lovely Molly (aka @mollysdailykiss) and the equally lovely Wriggly Kitty (aka @Wriggly_Kitty)

Here are mine for this month:

Student – He was an accomplished student in the art of igniting her pleasure.

Tissue – The grand promises, inevitably turned out to be a tissue of lies.

Glass – Wiping the condensation from the glass, he looked contemplatively through the window.

Square – He walked briskly across the square, scattering pigeons with each purposeful stride.

Direct – The maestro wielded his baton, seemingly without effort, to direct the orchestra.

Owe – I have come to claim payment of the debt you owe me.

Dash – A dash of Worcestershire sauce unleashed the flavours of his signature dish.

Attic – The attic had always been a conflicting combination of apprehension and safety.

Prisoner – Darkness held him, a prisoner in the depths of his own mind.

Compartment – He had multiple accounts; a compartment for every facet of his life.

Exploit – She wore the bruises of her latest exploit with pride and defiance.

Ten – She had been given ten tasks, and strove to complete them diligently.

Concrete – The arrival of her new concrete path coincided with his mysterious disappearance.

Clean – Her house was always immaculately clean, but her mind was absolutely filthy.

Turn – Win or lose, everything rested on the turn of a single card.

Increase – She felt her arousal increase as his tongue performed its familiar magic.

Funny – The funny thing is, I really actually did mean “duck” for once…

Envelope – One envelope contained the key to a fortune; in the other, ruin.

Frame – The faded sepia photograph sat in a old, battered brown leather frame.

Autumn – The autumn sunshine enhanced the vibrancy of nature’s rich, many coloured cloak.

Hated – She loved and hated the belt’s stinging kiss with almost equal measure.

Responsible – As her Dominant, He was responsible for her discipline, growth and protection.

Gathering – When the dark clouds start gathering, it’s a sign to seek shelter.

Window – As the other couple fucked, she looked on longingly through the window.

Meal – She had prepared a three course meal, with herself as the dessert.

Pink – With each smack, the pink glow spread across her soft, white skin.

Money – The money was simply nothing more than a means towards an end.

Blood – The evening sky turned a blood red hue as the sun set.



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