Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas
by Kilted Wookie

The skin of her naked backside; pale and smooth; a blank canvas worthy of a masterpiece.

But how to mark it? What tool to choose leave an imprint on that unblemished flesh?

The hand: the familiar sound of skin striking skin. Feeling the surface warm as the skin reddens in response to the repeated firm application of my palm.

The belt: that stinging crack. The broad, deep crimson stripes. Her moans in response to the kiss of the leather.

The cane: whip-like and slender. That ominous “swoosh” as at arcs through the air to land on her. The narrow angry welts. Her sobs as it bites her.

The slipper: teasing and playful. Firmer than the hand, but softer than the belt. Spreading its glow over a wider area than both.

So many options…

So many choices…

The climax: streaks of white. Warm and sticky on her now over-sensitised skin.

The finale: the soothing lotion gently applied. The soft words of comfort. The tender embrace.

©Kilted Wookie February 2018


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