by Kilted Wookie

The book clattered to the floor.

A soft moan escaped from between her lips.

The sound of her fingers slipping into the wet, tight confines of her cunt as she urgently fingered herself was all she could hear.

The pressure built inside her, slowly but steadily; drawing her ever closer to the point of release.

She squeezed her nipple tighter as she thumbed her clit. The soft, fresh, clean linen sheets rustled below her as she tossed and writhed in response to the sensations she was giving herself.

She became aware of her own breathing; increasingly shallow and rapid as her arousal grew.

Her cunt tightened around her fingers, gripping them, squeezing them.

Lights flashed behind her tightly shut eyelids. Her hair crackled against the pillow case as her head tossed from side to side.

Her heartbeat raced as her climax approached; she could hear it, sensing the blood pounding through her.

And then, a moment’s silence as she teetered on the brink.

Long, agonisingly intense seconds passed as she held herself on the edge.

And then…

And then…

“Yesssss!” she sobbed.

A long, drawn out moan. A sigh of exquisite relief as her climax took her.

The bed groaned beneath her as her body shook. Acutely aware now, she could hear the water in the glass on her bedside cabinet ripple as her spasms transmitted through the fabric of the room.

She surrendered herself to the sensations; every inch of her aflame with the intensity of her release.

Silence; punctuated only by her breathing and heartbeat as they slowly retuned to normal.

After what seemed like an eternity of post-orgasmic weariness, she leant over and picked up her book.   The pages crackled beneath her thumbs as she located her place.

She wondered what effect the next chapter would have…

©Kilted Wookie March 2016


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