The First Kiss

The First Kiss
by Kilted Wookie

Her arse glowed a rosy red from the repeated application of my hand. I could almost feel the heat radiating from its surface.

She had been bad; she knew she had. She had sucked my cock with her usual diligence; bringing me close to the point of explosion in the hope of earning some small measure of forgiveness. She had, however, been very bad. Even by her own standards, and she freely admitted it.

Kneeling before me on all fours, a shiver ran through her as I unbuckled my belt and slipped it through the stays of my jeans.  Was it fear, or was it anticipation? Was it a combination of both?

She flinched as I trailed the tip along her spine. Slowly; back and forth, letting her become a little accustomed to the feel of leather on her skin. I ran the belt up over her buttocks. A flinch, another shiver.

Bowed, but without a sound of protest, she prepared to face the chastisement her transgression had earned her.

I coiled the belt around my hand.

I snapped it tightly. Only the merest flinch at the loud crackling sound betrayed her apprehension.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

She nodded. A barely audible “Yes Sir!” accompanied the movement.

As she steeled herself for what was to come, I was proud of how bravely she faced what was to come.

I raised my hand.

The belt swished as it moved through the air. Then, with a resounding crack, she felt the leather’s first kiss.

©Kilted Wookie August 2015


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