Make Me Come

Wicked WednesdayMake Me Come
by Kilted Wookie

“You have five minutes, make me cum,” he commanded, pressing the timer button on his phone then flexing his belt, making it crack ominously.

Five minutes wouldn’t normally be too difficult, but as she was, lying on the floor, hands cuffed behind her back, ankles tied together while he sat, fully clothed, on the sofa, made it more of a challenge.

Some she managed to struggle to her knees then, shuffling forward, she forced herself between his legs.

“Four minutes left.”

She lowered her face to his crotch. Using her tongue, she flipped the zip tag of his jeans and caught it between her teeth. It was a struggle, but she managed to pull it down.

Using her nose to push her way inside, she located the wristband of his boxer shorts. She fastened her teeth around the edge.

“Three minutes,” he announced, giving his belt another meaningful crack. She dragged the waistband of his boxer shorts down over his cock.

Working her lips up the revealed portion of his cock, she somehow managed to free him sufficiently to allow her to take the head into her mouth.

She began to suck. There was no finesse, no tenderness; she knew she was up against it. It would need a supreme effort on her part to avoid his belt.

“Two minutes,” he announced sternly, as if to emphasise her predicament.

Did she really want to avoid his belt? It was a genuine question; she loved feeling its kiss on her skin. In a way, she realised she was really in a win-win situation. She also decided she was going to do her utmost to succeed.

Her head bobbed rapidly up and down. She sucked hard and used her tongue as much as her situation allowed. He was definitely harder; his breathing was less controlled.

“One minute.” Was there any indication of strain in his voice? She couldn’t tell.

Applying herself diligently to the challenge, she could taste the first drops of pre-cum ooze from him. His hips were beginning to move, involuntarily driving his cock into her mouth.

It was going to be close. As if to emphasise this, the dreaded “Countdown” music began to issue from his phone.

Less than thirty seconds; she redoubled her efforts; sucking frantically as he began to groan.

Close, so close; she could feel the head of his cock swell in her mouth.

The music moved to its final crescendo. Duh da. Duh da. Duh…

“Fuck… Fuck! Urgh!”

His cock erupted, filling her mouth as the final beats of the Countdown clock sounded.

Exalted, she let his cock slip from her mouth. She sat back on her haunches and licked her lips as she looked up, expectantly at him.

He smiled. “Well done, little one. Very well done indeed.”

©Kilted Wookie June 2015


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